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Baby Beatrice

Shane Stegmeier

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This is Finn my new baby Beatrice has caught the flu and it has gone into viral pneumona she has just been admited to the hospital ~10pm 2/23 the fever spike has been brought down somewhat but she is only 6 weeks old, and my family and I would appreciate your faithful prayers. Thankfully she and I missed the first strain of the flu that hit the whole family, but the upper resperatory strain will be dangerous enough. The rest of the family has been sick for going on three weeks, I started to fall ill Tuesday evening. Beatrice had some congestion Friday and a fever this morning...

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Thank you to all who posted and those who also prayed. Thanks be to God, who is Good all the time, because Beatrice's fever which was at 103.8 when my wife arrived at the ER was quickly and pretty consistently broken at the hospital, after a spinal tap and iv antibiotics (hospital protical for fevers that high...) they held them for observation for 48 hours and Momma and baby should be home this evening any minute now. I am thankful for all your prayers and the knowledge and hard work of the people at the hospital, but I know that God is sovereign, and to him I give the glory, in His precious name Amen.

Sometimes these panicy little reality checks, remind us just how helpless we are as we stand before God, and we have to surrender to his will and trust in him. It is amazing the kind of peace you can find when you know it is completely in God's hands...

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