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Hay Budden ?

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It will most likely go higher...

I've talked with the seller. This is not fake bidding, it is the top U.S. brand, VERY rare size, VERY few made... For some big hitter collectors, this is the 'holy grail' of U.S.  anvils.



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Actually there are getting to be more collectors just as there are more folks wanting to get into blacksmithing. Most collectors only have a few anvils, less than 250 as Thomas asked but they spend a lot for a special anvil like very small ones. even more so than the really big ones. There is a sort of net work among the really big collectors who help one another get rarer anvils. When I've talked to Fred he has told me of collectors in other states that he regularly contacts. I have met or talked to a few of those other collectors and they have anywhere from a few dozen really choice anvils to many hundreds. Some will spend any amount for those special anvils and they can afford to buy them. I guess its like any other collectors like rare baseball cards or coins.

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