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Hello, i've been here for a while learning from you guys so i figured i better post something/introduce myself.  Mabey i contribute something too.  Ill do my bio/info thing soon too but heres a fish i made for a walleye nut/friend i work with.  I cheated and welded the bottom fins on and used a cut off wheel for the fin marks.  Beginner!  Salute you blacksmiths.

I see my pic is 1.2 mb before o post.  Hope its not too big.  Here goes.


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There's a fair bit of hammering there if my perception of the size is right. Well done! (Like Das, I would like to know what stock you started with.)

As Thomas said, the fin marks are easily done with a slightly rounded chisel.

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Daswulf - that is 1/2"x3"x12" to start with.  Lol no rules indeed!  That works




Thomas - too late on color scheme i gave it away already...  i will try hot chisel on my next project.


Ausfire - that fish took a lot of hammering and heating.  Actually that was my first forge project of that sort so it took a while!

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That's a fine fish there, poundhound.  Of course, I'm a big fan of fish, and that is nice!  I bet your friend smiled when you gave it to him. <grin>.  I wish I had added some color to the one I made up above...  I gave mine away to a friend as well.  I suppose I could ask for it back for some "re-work"  but he likes it as is.  I think a prehistoric fish sculpture would be fun.



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Would not a Coelacanth rather split the difference?

I've used temper colours to colour fish, unfortunately spraying them with a clear finish to prevent rusting also tones down the brilliance of the colours.  A torch makes controlling the colour spread a bit easier.

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