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Any ideas as to what this was for?


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It's really interesting: the different types of numberings are not in linear correlation with each other: 315=8 (315/8=39,375) but 485=23 (485/23=21,09). I think this means it can't show length units or at least not both of the numberings.

And the scaling with the single digit numbers - it goes from 1 to 8 but still it contains 11 fields :o

I'm really curious what this can be... Google helped me not.



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20 hours ago, Sk Bjorn said:

It is a Dutch slid ruler very old  from what I got on Google serch brevete f & c

my google doesn't provide useful info with the same search terms :(

Just found out though: breveté means patented in French.

Anyways you might hit the nail on the head with it's being a slide rule. There are circular slide rules but those have concentric circles on them. Spiral slide rules look like this one, although they are a bit different, too. Like this:


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Mr. Farmall,

Allow me to make a suggestion for possible source that may help with an identification of the tool you purchased.

There is a department in the Smithsonian Institution, (in Washington), that identifies and also tries to identify tools. They display tools that they have not elucidated yet, and invite the public to help do so. They are also interested in helping people identify their mysterious tools.

Check them out via the internet and. Get their specific address or, if necessary, telephone them.

A Google search is usually availing. But not always.

Good luck.


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I couldn't have passed it up for that price. Had me thinking it would be really neat used in a sculpture or display with other old measuring tools like calipers and metal rules and such. In a non destructive way to them of course. I've had in mind to do that with some antique tools I have. If only I could find the time :) 

  It is very curious and I'd love to know. 

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It appears that it is a constant 160 graduations per revolution, approx. 51 unit diameter.  Could it be a traveler wheel in millimeters & fractional inches?  6.29 diameter?  So hard to tell from the photo... intriguing.

I ignored the strange, repeating "betwixt" numerals, but they seem to fall in patterns every 10 units, digits 1-8 only though.  Maybe an octal to binary translator....

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