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  1. Found a vulcan 175 lb made in 1946 I think looks not bad I am buying it off a co-worker and I am wondering what a fair price would be
  2. Ok so I am pretty sure it's a 175 lb vulcan so my question is what would it be worth
  3. Not sure he dug it from behind his shop the other day and he is 1000 miles away from me but I will have to explain to him how to do that
  4. Hope you can help I am looking at this anvil from a co worker all I know is it has a stamp 15 1/2 on it he is going to weigh it later this week but with limited photos and markings it's hard to determine a far price for both parties so I am hoping the iforge world of knowledge could help me out
  5. B & n metals might have some rail way rails I know they got some from cn I am going to see if they can dig some up for me I will let you know
  6. Nope no b4 pics and not a good post pic forgive me ...
  7. Now that you put it out there yes in my ignorance I built upthe edges on a 75lb anvil that had been abused badly
  8. Not about this anvil but I hear a lot of people say do not grind the face would a belt sander work to level the face
  9. Nice work I want to make some once I get my forge welding down pat really like your choice of handle material
  10. Took the wife to a estate sale on the weekend she came home empty handed but I found this jem 20.00 it was calling to me take me home
  11. Great work on both but I think if you take the bottom of the first and the topped of the second ... we have a winner just my 2 cents
  12. I've got a Mastercraft one that I can run on gas as well and with only 110 v with the gas and pre heating was able to weld up 1/4" tube as a guard rail and 5 years later and a couple hits from a forklift still holding I haven't tried with the Flux core but can't see why it wouldn't work almost as well
  13. What part of Canada are you in ? In sk the museums have a weekend class you can sign up for to learn the basics and from there it will open doors to the acociation and it's members most guys doing this are more than willing to share there knowledge. Other than that you need a hammer some sort of heavy anvil and fire
  14. Are you using brickets or hardwood charcoal do not use the preformed brickets but hardwood charcoal should work I used it when I started until I found a coal source
  15. If you forge Finnish the tapper on your edge this may stretch out the blade to give you a better line or if you don't have the thickness to do that heat thru and correct the curve by hitting on top side off anvil and have the tip of the edge on ànvil
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