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I'd have scooped it up at twice the price...maybe 3 times or a little more if I was in a spending mood.   I keep hearing of people finding them at cheaper pricing but that never seems to happen in this area...and they do seem to sell at those higher prices.  Although I've seen many snatched up at the $ 200+ range, that would be more than I personally am willing to ever pay.  At that kind of pricing, I can wait a decade and use alternative options while I wait.

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Stoneforge hard to tell you the going rate in your area since we don't even know which country of the 100+ that participate on this website on the WORLD WIDE Web. I'd say several hundred pesos would not be out of line because of course you must work in Mexico like I do....

The price of a leg vice depends on two major factors: size and condition of the screw and screwbox.  The screw and screwbox can be considered to be like the engine of a car.  If someone asked you what was the going price for a used car and didn't tell you if the engine worked how accurate would your answer be?

Last 6+" columbian with great condition screw and screwbox that I bought at Quad-State was US$50---and I considered that such a good deal *I* bought it with no regrets! 200-300 $US$ was more common at that time and place.   Mine did not come with a mounting bracket or spring; but I usually buy them that way as they are cheaper and it's trivial to replace those parts.

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Here in New England, IF it was really in very good condition (that means little sign of wear) I'd buy for $100 USD and expect it to sell for $175 or $200.  But you could make triple that in a year using it and selling forged nicknacks to sell at the farmer's market or fair just working evenings and a weekend or two. So value is not just in the price but the use.

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