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What type lathe can you get


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What type of lathe can you get for under $1,000. I have never used one, except a wood lathe. I would like to use if for turning small parts, doing threads, and for sizing shafts for making other tools and the like. I don't really have a good idea of what size you need for what job. I don't know of any used places around here, maybe in philly, and I would like one that doesn't need a lot of work that I don't know how to do to fix it. It would be an adjunct to the metal working I am doing now. thanks for any input.

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That 9x20 that Jr. posted a link to isn't to bad off a deal. We picked up the Harbor Freight equivalent that had been a remanned so we got a decent price on it. There are a couple of groups and webpages out there that are dedicated to the upgrading and accessorizing of those 9x20 lathes. One thing that I highly recommend upon getting one of these is going through and replacing as many of the bolts, nuts and fasteners as is possible with decent quality equivalents (grade 5 or better if possible). It seems the Chinese company that turns these out uses cheap mild steel fasteners that tend to wear out/strip out very easily. But, just for use making jigs, turning jack-shafts, etc. it's not a bad little deal. And making some of the mods to improve the lathe itself are great learning projects.
-Aaron @ the SCF

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If you're interested in machining metal, do you know this site?

Practical Machinist

When you get there go to the South Bend Lathe group. Good guys there. Check out ebay, loys of great deals there. I just bought a SB heavy 10 for under 400 bucks and sold 400 bucks of extra stuff that was in the junk drawer so i basically got it for free. But you may have to drive a little. Lots of used lathes in Phila Pa on ebay. Do a search for south bend lathe there...Bob
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I paid the equivalent of $900 for this 11" Harrison 140, I'm sure there are similar machines available on your side of the pond. Buying a used lathe can be a lottery but there are bargains out there. It is important that you get the tooling with the lathe e.g. 3 & 4 jaw chucks, steadies etc as these can cost more than the lathe if purchased seperately.


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hey Kevin
that is a beautiful lathe , for about 1500 it is still a good buy
however one flaw that unless you can accommidate it would be another couple hundred
to remedy
it has a three phase motor. do you have three phase , oops i forgot you were an electrician , you could build a phase convertor .

that harrison lathe that imagadude has is a good one
other names that i prefer for mid size lathes with about a 10 inch swing would be
a harrison colchester , monarch , sheldon , hardinge .

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I'm in NYC, looking for a SB 9A locally to try to avoid high shipping costs. Shipping runs about $500 or so now, depending from where.

Anyone know any local sources around this area? Im looking to get a clean machine to do clock repair work with.

Queens, NY

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Go to the top of the forum page and click on user CP
click on edit profile
go to the bottom of the page, enter your location and save.

We would like to know where in the world you are located.

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