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    Salem, Ohio
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    Inventor, metal fabricator, welder, machinist. Moderator over at millerwelds.com
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    any metalworking, Echo chainsaws, Schwinn bikes.
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    Oil refinery Operator, i make gasoline and diesel fuel as well as tar.

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  1. Ductile iron is welded everyday and 7018 is a good rod for it. I did some repairs in a foundry and ductile is all they did...Bob
  2. The rim is a welded one a bead right in the middle. The bolts are from the hub as i never unbolted it i just pulled the center bolt and removed the whole unit. The wheel is from an old 80's Yazoo 3 wheel rider and it just turns in a frame as it swviels to steer...Bob
  3. I have 2 of them...Bob
  4. Thanks David. Here is another attachment i made a few weeks ago. I needed to break down my lawnmower wheel to add an inner tube and couldn't get the bead broke. So i made a small breaker that slips over my 1" tooling shaft. Worked great...Bob
  5. Making a bending punch to make a brush guard for my neighbors tractor...Bob
  6. Well after using my press for a few years with the 6T jack i finally upgraded to a 12T. Just had to make some new attachment points for the bigger jack. Also made a rack to hold some of my quick change tooling...Bob
  7. I ran a 50 HP Sidney lathe years ago and a 1" deep cut was a normal one. Anything less and the boss said we were wasting time. Gotta love big machines and little ones too...Bob
  8. AC turn it up hook the ground at one end and the + to the other and turn it on. Did it for many years on the farm...Bob
  9. Well here is my first vid of i hope many. Turning some 4" CRS with a 3/16" deep cut on my SB10K bench lathe. Running in backgear to keep the spindle speed down and increase the power. It is for a faceplate for my home made index head. Just click on the pic for the vid...Bob
  10. Here is a vid link to my O Scale ceilingtrains.com bridges i make. I am still in a daze from watching them...Bob
  11. Great repair job. I love fixing parts like that...Bob
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