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large anvil identification help

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I recently acquired this anvil and need some help to try and identify the maker and weight if possible.  It was acquired from a local steel mill that had in house forge shop that was being shut down and sold for scrap.  The mill had been in operation for over 150 years, but not sure how old the anvil is.  On the picture with the "405" stamp there appears to be another number faintly stamped in front of it.  possibly a 3??  might just be nothing.










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Good Morning,

I know you are concerned regarding finding your Baby's Birth Mother. She is probably old enough to not want to listen to her Mother anymore anyway. I think she is perfectly fine, just the way she is. I think she is asking you to start some work on her back. I'm sure she will appreciate that anyway.

I thought the Henry Wright had the Pritchell Hole and Hardy Hole, in line on center. The flat on the feet is a Peter Wright Trait.

Where are the Volume knobs?  If she starts to cry, tone her down a bit. LOL

Enjoy the Journey, regardless of who her mother was!!


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