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This Week's Work


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Here is the product for the last week...5 PW swords in wood, bone and bronze.

Blades are a mix of 1095/meteoric iron with enough WI to help refine the meteoric iron to a usable material  .. Grips are mounted in phosphor bronze with Coco-Bolo, African Blackwood or Bovine ivory. Not too bad for a old forge rat just puttering about. Website stock ..gotta keep the beans and bacon around..folks gotta eat.

That fancy guard on the centre sword was a  real BEAR to get forged right...ruined 3 pieces trying to forge it out. 4th one worked.. Blade lengths are in the 19" to 22" range..Forged in fullers on the 4 blades that have them...













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JPH,  I have got to learn the secret of your puttering technique. My puttering never turns out so well or so much.  If it did I'd become a full-time putterer.   Fantastic work as always and I'm also looking forward to the next book.

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I have been doing this for like a little while now ( 5 years plus a bit..) and I think I have it more or less figured out as far as my own working rhythm goes so my puttering is a bit more efficient than most folks..

Brother Thomas: The move to Florida has delayed the finishing of book IV..I am about 90% done with the text..still need a graphics guy and a photographer..

Well back to profiling and then heat treating....in 114 degree heat..I can just lay them outside...flip them over once and the quench..saves on LPG

KBO all




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How many swords have you made over the course of your career? Every time I see JPH as the poster, it is mandatory that I click on the topic. Your work is alway outstanding, and even though you joke about "puttering around", I know that your standards have always been of the highest order. 

Thank you 


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How many swords have I made so far?? Humm  I'd have to say a good 5 dozen at least....and then a bit more...

And for the record..I am always puttering around cause I have at least three or four blades going at different stages at any given time..right now I am working on around 20 or so...mostly site stock..my "bacon and beans" stuff..maybe even some cornbread if these turn out  decently...


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