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  1. It's tiny. Not a user, yet bigger than the salesman samples. I'm guessing 7-15 lb at the most
  2. SOOOOOO... I found an odd (in my experience) size anvil. It's a size 0 Vulcan in ok condition. My question is... Who were these marketed to, and are people collecting them now? I'm probably going to grab it.. It's just too cool. Anyway, chime in if you have seen one before!
  3. I'm guilty of the same thing, anytime I travel south, I hit Lee's if I'm just in Nevada or Costco if I make it to California. Prices in Wyoming are good, but Nevada and Cali definitely cater to the drinking crowd.
  4. Hah! There's a reason that the first businesses you see as you leave Utah are liquor stores and fireworks stands.
  5. So, wrought is defined by Merriam Webster as " beaten into shape by tools".... So "forged" would be a synonym. Perhaps to you are thinking about "wrought iron" which is a term used for a type of iron that was made before modern production techniques. It s used for the body of many anvils, but a hardened steel plate was attached for the face of the anvil as wrought iron is very soft. These anvils were wrought or forged into shape. Cast Iron is a modern iron that is very brittle and is used to make poor quality anvils (Fisher and Vulcan being exceptions since they have A STEEL Face. Du
  6. Yep. I take it you're a RR enthusiast otisdog
  7. So speculation is that this guy came from a Union Pacific RR shop. The only industry in town was UP and we had a roundhouse and a machine shop.
  8. ABSOLUTELY. I'll hold back from the near deranged diatribe about the internet culture. Simply put, there's some value... And allot of garbage. Like a flea market, but less satisfying to sift through
  9. It's bizarre how there are trends in anvil brands. Around here people obsess over PWs... You show them a Mousehole or Trenton or a cast Swede and they go on about how much they've read about PETER WRIGHT. Personally, I just want an anvil that moves metal. This HB is replacing my 178# A&H in the center of the shop. Thanks again JLP. Love your videos btw.
  10. Thanks JLP, this is my first HB and I realize I really know very little about the company /construction! I've gotta get AIA soon. I'm pretty stoked MotoMike, this is the biggest anvil I've used yet. I still don't think it's really necessary for most of what I forge, but maybe it'll change my mind once I start using it. Anyone able to tell me when HB started the two piece construction?
  11. Picked this up and wanted to document it here. Weight mark is obscured but it's HEAVY. Measurements are 36" long, 15" tall, and 6" across the face. According to the 1914 Hay Budden catalog, this puts it between the 350 and 400. Anyway, she's a beaut. I think this is a later HB with the cast upper, but i haven't dated it yet. Shot a pic of the logo, the serial #, and a size comparison with a 100# Trenton on top of it.
  12. Could be "DANNEMORA", tho I can only make out the D on yours. My Soderfors is a similar vintage, same style markings, and has the Dannemora mark. It's the name of the mine /region where the iron came from.
  13. A good day! The stone is from a trip to the local landfill to make a deposit, and the steel is from a logging companies scrap pile. They use 2" 4140 for stakes, And the bent ones get thrown in the bone pile!
  14. Thanks, I'm excited to try it out. Hopefully i can figure out a decent heat treat for it.
  15. Brought this home from the boneyard. Its an excavator track spring. That's a 4x4 pressure treated post next to it. It's at least 2.5" diameter stock. I'm thinking HAMMERS. ...
  16. Hey, so I'm just up the hill from all you Utahns. Evanston, Wyoming. I'm not a member, but I've met a few guys from the Great Basin Blacksmith guild. They seem like a real good group of guys with aTON of knowledge to share. I highly recommend getting in touch and attending a meeting.
  17. Teutonic Iron Works I'm of primarily German decent, so that was one reason. Also, my given name is Dane, and the historical Teutons were some of the early residents of Jutland... later part of Denmark. .. hence they were all "Danes"! My wife mocks my nerdiness. I refer to the shop as "the ferrous forge"...
  18. I really like the smaller horn on this guy. I find that for what i do, the typical American swollen horn is just wasted weight. I think this is going to replace my 178+# Arm&Hammer.
  19. Thanks. All the photos i found were more complete with the name stamped. the initials threw me off.
  20. So I was thinking this is a William Foster, but that really looks like a WT so... any ideas? Overall she's pretty good, nice even ring despite the old weld job on the heel (incidentally, no sign of weld or crack on the underside. .. so perhaps it never completely separated?). It's cool that you can see one of the wrought pieces that was misaligned when it was forge welded together. Overall, a very cool find.
  21. My handles are all shaped like Marc1 is describing. Large flats on the sides. I find it comfortable, controllable, and easy to use with a "loose " grip. I don't get any handle roll.
  22. Impressive.... I just assumed you used a torch or propane forge and was trying to figure out of the glass ever fused to the forge floor.... imagine my surprise when I got to the last pictures! Very cool.
  23. BRILLIANT! I can't believe I never thought of that Glen! I have piles of those plates... thank you for the idea
  24. That anvil has been listed for a couple months now. Utterly insane price. Tho Utah tends to be higher than many places.
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