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Not sanding after heat treat

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Ok I have made around 13 knives and just made my first chef knife out of 1075. I shaped it put the bevels in and sanded it with 220 then 400. After it was smooth and most scratches were out I heated with my torch till non magnetic and quenched in oil. I then sanded the scale off and put in the oven at 500 for two hours. It came out this beautiful blue purple gray copper colors. I would like to leave it like that if it's possible, and just put the final edge on it after I pin and epoxy the handles on. I guess the question is would those colors hold up or would they rub off or would it be susseptable to rust?image.thumb.jpeg.6f15670658140019d8abf71

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I know nothing about heat treat, but I heat color a lot of my artwork and it comes right off with minimal polishing or sanding.

A chemical treatment such as hot bluing (technically rusting) will hold up quite well. But even a good hot blue will come off with a mildly aggressive polishing wheel.

Of course, whether or not it would be acceptable on a utensil cutting food I wouldn't know.

Without some form of coating, the metal will indeed rust. 

IMHO of course

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This wasn't part of your original question, but I suspect you'll find that tempering 1075 at 500F is going to give you results that are pretty soft for a chef knife.  Opinions vary, but I would have tempered at 390F.

That being said, it looks like a good start otherwise.  I'm not a fan of a ricasso on a chefs knife, but Wusthof puts them on some of their high end knives.

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