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  1. finally made one for my self and I will hide it at work so the wife wont steal this one
  2. got my first forge weld in mild today super stoked, and my first horse head that looks like a horse
  3. made a nail header and 20 nails 6 of which are serviceable. I figure after a few hundred more I might get good at them. also made a few bbq forks and a bottle opener. ben making the openers so I can have a beer
  4. tried two different methods one is vastly easer than the other. saw the owl on YouTube and gave it a try.
  5. where about in north Idaho. I currently reside in Hayden

    1. Torchy


      I'm in Lewiston

  6. my brother found this for me and now I need to find room in the shop. marks say Indian chief and the jaw are 5 inch. two little rrt anvils and the whole thing is on a 3/8 plate bace. its HEAVY.......
  7. what kind of paper did you use, I use shiny pages out of a magazine.
  8. Some people have a hard time understanding handcrafted. it takes time and time is expensive.
  9. ferric acid, ben wanting to try instant coffee.
  10. Just got a barrel of cable scrap so I thought I try to weld some up. learned a lot, not to shabby for my first try I'm pleased with the out come,. if any knows a good way to clean the flux out of the handle pleas let me know I tried boiling, vinegar soak wire wheel. flux used 20 mt borax.
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