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US Navy SEAL Trident

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I am working on a great project.

One that is quite a honour. I do not  generally make comissions any more but could not turn this one down...

 The SEAL insignia is an Eagle holding a trident and a flintlock in front of an anchor.

I am Making a Trident for US Navy SQT (SEAL Qualification Training) Class 312.

It will be a Graduation Gift to NSWBTC (Navy Special Warfare Basic Training Command).

US Navy SEALs tradition to give a graduation gift upon completing training required to become SEALs.

So I am making a pattern welded Trident, not a fishing trident but a hero piece, Neptune's trident suitable for use against (big)sea monsters . I have taken my inspiration from the sea, using heavily laddered wavy material and of course pattern weld............I wanted the piece to be reminiscent of harpoons and anchors and wieldable by a by a (very) strong SEAL but not a trident for a mere mortal....... as forged the head is 14lb......

I have found this to be a very challenging piece and I am now on version 3, which ironicaly was my original idea (thanks Mick Maxen for putting me back on the right path towards simplicity). I tried to split the forks from an 8 bar patternweld, but alas it was not to be. and I have a monstrous billet of not wavy enough patternweld that will make some lovely (big)seax.......

anyhow here is where I am at the present, the handle is to be wavy ash with a damascus spacer and buttcap.....The prong are wavy random  lap welded onto a 3 bar patternweld and the core is the same with 4 bar and forge welded socket. hard to tell size from the pic but its big.....


the tips are cod mouthed and forge welded shut...

Its a very blacksmithy piece and lots of lap welds , this is the weld between the socket and middle prong...

I will up date as I finish the piece...

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Cool stuff.  Can't wait to see the finished product - and more WIP pics  :)   I have to ask about the attachment you're using for polishing though.  Is the small belt around the 4 wheels to increase resistance for slack belt grinding, or is there another purpose I'm missing?

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Thanks for the link, Steve.  I'm still not 100% clear on the purpose of the smaller belt.  Is it to prevent belt drift side to side when slack belt grinding or to provide a happy medium between a flat platen and a slack belt with no backing - or both?  Regardless it looks like a very useful attachment that I need to look into.

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the timing belt acts as a more resistant concave backing , on this piece all the grind marks have to blend so all the faces of the trident are slightly convex.....the attachment is awesome, I have just bought a couple of grooved wheels off of US ebay to make the same thing for sharpening. you can hog and leave a convex edge , I highly recommend it.

the forks are etched...


Off to get wood tomorow...

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Thanks for the explanation, basher.  Awesome work on the trident.  Loving it!  Then again, based on your other work I've seen I'd expect nothing less than something darn near perfect - and it looks like you'll deliver again.

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