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  1. Outstanding! Really looking forward to seeing progress!
  2. These are all great stories, thank you all so much for sharing (even if they do tend to bring up the sad moments.) Being a hoarder/pack rat it definitely is hard to imagine giving up easy freebies and forgetting them, letting go, etc. But moving forward is a part of the will's determination to succeed in life! Here's to the one that got away! Owen K
  3. This is my second post, after my obligatory introduction; hope you all are doing well and having fun, safely! I was spurred on by a recent happening just yesterday on my travels back home on a large, heavily trafficked highway. The reason I would like to start this discussion is a simple one: since I could not find any similar topic, I thought it would be entertaining for most of you to reminisce about the ones that got away. Maybe that brings up a sore memory or a funny tale, but it happened to me and I wanted to vent! Back on that highway heading home with a friend in the snow and foul road conditions, I eagle-eyed something recognizable on the shoulder, sunken in the accumulation, just leaning up against the barrier. What looked like a big, honkin, truck spring! I hooted and hollered at it as we slipped on by, and wanted to jump out of the car and fetch it! Crazy! Bad idea on the turnpike! But it was gold just sitting there not troubling anyone but me! I cringed and had to let it go: the free stuff that gets away can be harder to do just that, I am afraid. So are there any other folks out there willing to share similar stories of nearly-hads or almost-gots? Regrets on passing up a purchase to later find it gone from the floor? Some fantastic prospect in the junkyard that had to be passed on? Maybe you DID haul something home with a struck of luck. I'd love to hear them! It certainly help with the kicking-one's self feeling! HA! Take care and be well, Owen
  4. Hello and thank you for the hospitality! My name is Owen, I am a beginner blacksmith and I have been a member on Iforge for almost a year now. Now that I have had a few months of forge time under my belt I felt compelled to say "hi" and maybe in the future take a few photos of projects and maybe, maybe ask a few questions too! A little more about me: I have a "Mousehole Forge" anvil, not quite sure the exact date yet, but it has a few notches and dings, a nice wavy belly and not a sharp edge to be found. All the good attributes for a first-timer anvil! The other quandary I am faced with is the lack of a backyard forge (or lack of a personal shop, alternatively) but I have made a few friends along the way and have access to smithies to learn and play within. So I keep busy volunteering my time where I can. I was able to attend the ABANA conference in Harrington for a day and purchased my first hammer (Nathaniel Robertson 2.25lb rounding) and saw a lot of great and inspiring people/demonstrations while I was there! I plan on being more active on this website now that I have more confidence in my abilities and I look forward to sharing photographs and picking other brains for ideas and solutions! Have a great day/night! --Owen K.
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