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Nick hrisoulas


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Welcome aboard Hairless, glad to have you. If you'll put your general location in the header we might drop in when we're in the neighborhood.

Ka-Boom story! Don't make us needle it out of your Dad. We will you know. ;)

Frosty The Lucky.

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I see the RR spike where is the knife ? (some one was gonna say it, so it may as well be me..)  Welcome to IFI NIck, your Dad really has been bragging about you helping him in the shop, and dont worry the Hair will grow back eventually. But iirc Bill Waynts never did... ask your dad about that one... but Honestly that looks much better than my first knife.

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Naw I don't have a kaboom *story*; now if you had said "stories".... My most recent was when a local smith got their first propane forge; a home built affair that they couldn't get working right. So when we had a meeting at their shop I said I'd try to tune it for them.  Unfortunately they had mounted the forge  over the tank and regulator, so as it was sputtering and huffing I adjusted things and Whoom it takes off  with my face even with the opening; lost about 1/2 my beard on that side; luckily it was long enough to trim to look like it was supposed to be that way---no jokes about jinxians and asymmetric beards!

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On 11/30/2015, 9:10:18, cliffrat said:

Everyone, and I mean everyone...has a ka-boom story. So come on Nick, let's have it. You have an audience.

While you're at it, whatcha planning for the handle? Best looking RR spike knife I've ever seen.

i don't really know yet if i want this one to have a handle but the next one probably some leather and some raw hide to wrap around. well the ka-boom story i turned on the gas before i lit the forge honestly i thought it was funny. 

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