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Champion #1 rebuild

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GOOD thread

I have the same hammer I started to rebuild it along long time ago :( its still sitting outside waiting for some Love

I had new slides made - clean & painted PH I need to forge out new eye spring bolts -- & was going to replace the leaf springs

pack & rework the brake set up better also -- WELL then I got a small air hammer LOL :) Now were looking for more power

so thinking of getting her back in the shop & finish her up this winter when the rain hits 

for you're pulley shaft instead of Babbitt  I have seen Teflon or UHMB plastic I think thats the name used sp ? 

the lumber mills use it hear alot for slides & other use's have it machined out & it will never wear out

the babbitt in mine is in good shape so one less problem

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It is UHMW ; ultra high molecular weight . I used quite a bit as wear strips on bottling lines. The problem I had with it is that it will absorb moisture, and warp. Delrin is used for bearings, and more stable , besides being much nicer to machine. There are other engineering plastics out now that will out perform hardened steel in certain applications.

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The crank plate, tup and pulley are painted. Also made a new toggle pin, spring tempered 5160. What's the general consensus on motor HP? I was thinking 2 hp would be plenty since my other hammer is only 5 lbs lighter and runs a 1.5 hp.



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Hey Judson Yaggy, any chance you could get me some detailed measurements of the spring? Length of each leaf, distance center of eye to center of eye, width, belly depth and any other measurement you can think of. The guy that I asked to get the measurements for me is buried with orders and can't break loose to go to his friends shop to get them right away. Also it would be very helpful to get dimensions from more than one source. The spring shop that will be making the spring needs the best drawing and as many measurements that I can come up with. It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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The spring came from the spring shop a full three inches wide. To make it match the original, I had to trim it down to 2 1/4" at the eyes. Doing this myself rather than paying the spring shop to do it saved me $90.


The key ways are cut in the shaft and ready to go.


Since the pulley was a little wobbled out, I had it bored, sleeved and a key way broached in with an extra set bolt on the opposite side. I don't think I will have any problems with it spinning on the shaft.


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OH I see a Champing PH club starting :) Now who s is older LOL ?

mite have you all beat gona have to ck though LOL :D

Hay Mike Hr ck out Gareys out for a date someday

the one I have still that is apart :( was the only hammer here in the county from a smith shop in town from 1930 eara so i understand -- untill I got a #33 yang since then I have been out done by a friend :):) down the road more power , though still need to get the champion going

Just need more shop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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