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Champion #1 rebuild

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A few pine shims on the sides to keep the shaft centered. We put a piece of refractory wool on the shaft to protect the ratchet strap from the torch while preheating the shaft. Not pictured is the step of leveling an truing up the shaft to the face of the hammer and sooting the shaft.

IMG_20160101_125531 (1).jpg

Just after the pour. Filled up good.


Now to trim the excess the babbitt.


A good full pour.


The shims are in place for the proper spacing of the cap. 


The caps are in place and the gaps are plugged off with clay.


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The crank plate and pulley are mounted and everything put back together. Things are still a little tight, so i will have to do some more scraping on the bearings. I opted to mount the pulley on the back of the hammer instead of the original center position. Due to the low ceiling in my shop, the motor will have to be mounted near the floor. Also, it will be a lot easier to take the drive belt off or replace it with the rear mounted pulley.


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It's been a while since I last posted any pictures. Here are some pictures of the toggle arms and pitman assembly in process. Also a shot of the idler arm and pulley on the linkage. The last picture is the hammer ready to run after getting the motor and belt on. I also posted a couple videos at the end.














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I bought a #1 this past summer.  


Following is a very quick sketch of the spring pack.  Hope the scan is legible.    




Dovetails on mine were shot, seems to be the most common design flaw on the Champion hammers that I've seen and run.  Otherwise a good mechanical power hammer.  Slightly limited adjustability for working height, but that's true of most mech. hammers.  If you need a lot more info most of the power hammer experts have migrated over to the Facebook power hammer group.

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