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north or south Korea?

that does make a huge difference. I did a search for 'Korean steel alloy news' and found a magazine article from February talkin about an aluminum steel alloy. It mentions it develops really hard crystals in the structure but from the picture it shows and the little it says, I personally think you would waste your money buying that and trying to make a blade out of it.

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I have a Ti eating knife I forged out of CP1/2 for camp use.  It has a bright spot on the spine where I took my general use camp knife with the edge made from an old nicholson file and cut a sliver off it.  Perhaps you should research what qualities make for a good knife blade vs what qualities  make for good other things.  For me the eating knife can be thrown in the dishwasher set on "mega-overkill++"  after finding it left dirty in the back of the truck after a campout so Ti was a good choice for that one. The using knife was a san mai experiment where I wanted to be sure the edge would be good while the patterned sides were of questionable alloy content. 

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