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  1. I ment didn't know not don't know
  2. I know I have a lone way to go. At the time I bought the steel I don't know where to get good carbon steel so I went to home depot and picked up some cheap constructional steel to start. As for the heat treat I heated them up to a bright orange and quenched into water
  3. Here are my first 2 knives. First one is a hunter 2nd is a krambit (as you can probably tell p.s. I tried sharpening but the just wouldn't
  4. Does any one know of a steel mill near philidelphia that sells round and square stock or a blacksmith supply web site. P.s. sorry I wasn't sure what section to put this post in
  5. Yeah I'm pretty sure just grabbing them is illegal.
  6. So I want to buy some rr spike on ebay to make knives but i don' t know if they're legally obtained and how would I tell if they r. Thanks for any answer you guys can give I know it's probably hard to answer
  7. It's hot rolled. Other than that I don't know
  8. Is 1011 steel blade worthy. If not what is, and what's the difference between 1011 and 1012. I look for about an hour but couldn't find anything. Thx
  9. Yes I light fires all the time. I just want to know if you think those bellows and blower will get it hot enough
  10. Well you didn't have to be mean about it. I only ask when i cant find the answer "IN THE FORUMS". I try to find an appropriate location but they just don't fit. And with the moderators they thought my "COAL" forge was a "GAS" forge. So back off!!!!!!!! You posted it to this thread and to reference material so dont blame us. http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/43417-building-a-gas-forge-am-i-on-the-right-track/
  11. How hot do I need to get steel for knife making. And how hard is it to get. To that heat with a small blower and 2 small bellows
  12. So Korean sientists have made a new steel that's "as cheap as dirt" but at least as strong as titanium. What r your thoughts on it for blade making. I think that it would be pretty good.
  13. my friend wants to make a bronze sword and I was wondering how good it will be. how would it compare to steel. on a scale a 1 to 10 with 10 being how good steel is where is bronze
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