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My first tongs


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Good Morning,

Way better than what you had before!! AA++ for trying.

For the material you are using, I would upset a section for the Hinge area (where the rivet goes through). The normal mistake when setting the rivet is to do it too cold, or with a large hammer. I use a slightly smaller hammer when I am setting rivets.

Keep your first Tongs, in twenty years you will look back and say....................


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Two questions on that : the rivet didn't go in smoothly, so I rounded it a bit and then worked it in while it was warm. Then I warmed the whole thing until the rivet was hot again and gave it a couple hits with my 2 pound hammer... And it bent over instead of mushrooming. 

Is there a way to upset something that isn't on the end? Or is that justheating the shot you want upset and then doing as normal? 

Also, are you saying that I should have taken it slower setting the rivet? 

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Heading a rivet is upsetting. Neil means use a LIGHT hammer, 8oz or smaller is what I use. If you have a torch that works about as well as anything I know of.

The stick out you're going to head should be about 1.5 times the rivet's diameter. for example a 1/4" dia rivet should have 3/8" protruding to pein for the rivet head.

My the way, your first tongs look WAY better than mine and mine don't hold anything perfectly, barely is more accurate.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Tongs look fine, they came out like what you wanted.  If you are disgruntled with the rivet, just cut it off or drill it out, make another with Frosty's suggestions for the rivet "stickout", etc. on each side and make another!  Practice makes perfect.  I've drilled out a rivet or two that looked like Fido's B*tt and replaced them. ;)

One thing I did when I first started riveting tongs was to get some scrap steel bars about 1/4" to 3/8" thick and an inch or so wide, drill holes for your rivet size(s) in several places and practice riveting the scrap bars together.  Then when it's "showtime", you'll have riveting down much better.

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