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  1. Lol Makes sense. Yeah, they're for bird feeders andplants and whatever else you want to hang in the middle of nowhere. Would steel make a good sheep catcher? The wife andI have been talking about getting some sleep, so this could be helpful to know for other purposes.
  2. Sorry, I've been away for a while. No, I'm not using a template. I just got a little mig welder,I was debating welding a thinner rod to the leg to help stabilize it though. I haven't been in the forge all winter, so who knows, maybe they will look completely different whenI get it started up again.
  3. Still working on getting this right, but iI feel that these two are much better then the first ones iI made.... Partially because iI made a bending jig. They're not quite identical, iI let one cool a bit before finishing the big bend.... And it didn't fit into my forge anymore.
  4. Update : My in laws have worked in the heating and air conditioning fields, and one of thewife's uncles is a junker. Managed to get a decent sized blower that we will put on the wall and try to fab up a hood for the forge. Haven't insulated the garage yet.
  5. Update : Installed a 0-40 regulator and a 0'60 gauge yesterday. Test fire says it works, and she'll get hot.
  6. Okay... So I'll need to put in a vent that's better than a window 4 feet away. Do you folks that live incolder climates have insulation in your shop walls, or is it just a wind / precipitation shield?
  7. Sorry again. I've got a single frosty t burner running on propane.
  8. Sorry, iI probably should have said that in in central Minnesota. It gets down to the negatives for a solid month or two. Usually we only see - 20 or so for a couple weeks.
  9. My shop is basically the garage. It's a detached garage about 50' from the house. For ventilation i open the two windows, the one nearest the forge has a fan directed toward the window to try and suck a bit of the fume out. The garage is unfinished. With the windows open, would it be worth the time and money to go through and insulate the walls? I'm mostly thinking about the upcoming winter here. I assume that the forge will put out a bit of heat for the garage, but will that all just blow out the windows either way?
  10. Nice work. I really like coloring and all. Though iI have to admit, iI was thrown a bit when iI saw the fire engine red.
  11. I installed a giant whiteboard in our living room for just that purpose.... And for teaching the little guy stuff. He's 3 and all, so... Now if only iI could remember all the words to thatABC song...
  12. I've been watching dirty Smith lately. He's entertaining and gives some good info. And he seems like a nice enough fellow.
  13. To be honest, the quieting part is mostly for the neighbors, who haven't said anything yet. I don't terribly mind the bell sounds... Makes me feel like I'm being accompanied by a choir of really loud bell ringers. Welive in the middle of town. Most of the neighbors are old folks. One house next to us is vacant. I can't get at the base of the bolts. They're inside the center of the top plate. My only option for divorcing the two is to cut it off.... With a 4 inch grinder. So what I'm understanding is that, barring that, welding it to the beam thing would only increase the sound. If iI put some sand or dirt about the thin part of the beam it might help, especially if iI made a method of sound dispersal first. Would it also help if iI filled the hollow wooden box on the bottom with the same? I'm sorry, I'm not meaning to reject your thoughts, I'm just searching for the simplest way to make a bit of improvement without overhauling the whole setup.
  14. It's mostly angles for why it looks so tall. It is a little higher than the recommended height, but iI haven't had any troubles with it there. Second photo is from my chair,third is the best iI can get for between the anvil and the beam. It looks like they cut a hole in the beam at center and then bolted the anvil to this little plate and then welded the plate on the beam.
  15. I've got a 4 inch angle grinder and a stick welder. So you guys don't think that tightening it down to the top ofthe ibeam will help? That was the theory that iI got before iI posted the pictures. My plan was to tighten the anvil down and then fill between it and the beam with metal Anna weld like crazy.... Then iu was going to fill in the sides of the beam with wood, probably glue it in and then strap it around the waist with steel. Should iI discard that idea? Edit : I'm notdrunk, my phone doesn't like typing here for some reason.
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