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I Forge Iron

Everyone like Pics - Post your Coolest!

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I am feeling a bit in a festive and visual mood. I know we all like to see really cool or just plain interesting or even odd pics.... Pics are good.

Too attempt to have a theme here let's stick with holiday gifts... Either given or received and in the blacksmithing family of course...

If you have an otherwise super cool pic for us I think we want to see that too. Let's be short on words and let the pics tell their own story.

My Pic. Trivets. All gifted to others.


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OK, here's a ram's head bottle opener gifted to a gentleman in America who has been a great help to me in successfully sourcing an anvil over there. A little bit of Australian steel to the U.S. and a thousand times the weight coming back!!

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post-12147-0-16382100-1418484399_thumb.j sliding blackout shades the other door has rods coming up from the bottom


post-12147-0-92194200-1418484520_thumb.j 5 foot cold formed sculpture done with the concrete braker on my skidloader.


post-12147-0-14438400-1418484612_thumb.j wall mount desk. got a bronze paint job and a glass top


post-12147-0-11049500-1418484783_thumb.j new trigger guard for an old 20gauge side by side.




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Thomas,  for clairification, I know you made the vertical piece, but is the spike maul for size reference or were you converting it into a large bick? 


Any shot of the iron plant in the corner of the first photo?  It looks interesting.



Rich C.

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The spike sledge is the head of the stake anvil---now. The shaft was tenoned and fitted to the eye and then hot riveted together. Long term plan is to weld over the top to provide a small "face" for the stake anvil---though it's working pretty well as it stands.

The original stock was 2.5" sq The Chambersburg belongs to the fellow to the left in the picture---it's one of his smaller ones...

As for the iron plant: my mother was upset that my younger still living at home in their 20's siblings' dogs were killing off all her plants; so I forged her one they couldn't destroy. The final was bedded in some vesicular basalt. It has outlived the pitbulls ! It was made by finding rusted/mangled woodworking auger bits and forging them flat; + the more rounded example was a masonry bit, the brazed in carbide came out when I forged it...

They do resemble native plants of the region.

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