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Door hardware

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very nice. as above. I heat my screws in the forge on a piece of small channel iron so I don't lose them. then either wire brush and finish with hot oil or reforge a bit.

keep it up! pretty soon the only shoeing you will be doing is shoeing them away!! been there done that!

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I have no picture but what I do is to take a small bolt, heat the head and pound it until it looks like hand made nail head. Then I use washer and nut on the back side. In this case, when the nut is visible, I would make a square nut like the one shown but threaded of course - or I would countersink the nut and make a spiked flat ornament to cover it. 

Nice looking furniture by the way. I wish I could do something like that myself on the "barn door" I have on my newly erected smithy. However, the doors open outwards and I want the "lock" to be on the inside.



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I purchased the latch set recently. It is truly well forged. I think the grip was run through a shallow swage before bending. I'm guessing that some of the work is file finished, then possibly reheated to a blood red and wire brushed. I've seen some of Peter Ross' latches, and they are similar in appearance to this one. The cusps and thumb piece are quite thin.

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