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First Forgings

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Well...I finally built a stand for my anvil. Then I got my Zoeller burner in my Balloon Time forge and got it going.

Earlier I broke every law known to man and went down to the tracks and picked up some spikes.;)

Now...what do I do with all these new toys? :confused:

I wanted to see what this Zoeller burner was made of so I heated the head of one of the spikes and wailed away on it till it was gone. Basically I just drew it out till it was the same shape as the shaft. Then I drew the whole thing out till it was about twice as long as a regular railroad spike.

That was fun! :D

On the next spike I left the head and just drew out the shaft.

OK. Now I'm getting cocky. I need a hot cut hardie tool. My little 98 lb weakling anvil has a 1/2 inch hardie hole.

I took this huge bolt that I picked up off the tracks and shaped the end to fit in the hardie hole. Then I heated the whole bolt, quenched the end I just shaped and stuck it in the hole and wailed on it to upset a shoulder to sit on the anvil. I was scared it would get stuck in the hole but it didn't. I still need to cut off and shape the top of the hardie tool but I'm well on my way to making my first tool.

Anyway...I guess I'm off and running. :D











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Well done Kevin!

Making uniform bar from larger material is an excellent exercise.

The bolt might be a bit small for a hardy but it'll work. I'd shorten it and put the shoulder an inch or so from the head, then forge the head into the blade.

It's a fine first session at the forge. Keep it up.


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Credit where credit's due Kevin. ;)

RR spikes make better letter openers than knives, not enough carbon to hold an edge. There is enough carbon to make resilient tools though like small pry bars or hay hooks. I made a couple sets of RR spike hay hooks a few years ago but drew them way thinner than was good. They still held up well enough on lighter bales in the 50-60lb range but I don't need hooks on light bales.

Oh well.


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