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Timber Bench & Table


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Did you get your engineer to confirm that your deck can carry that load?
Cool set ! That table came out well.

I am the engineer :D .


I designed and built the deck myself, if you notice in the foreground, the hot tub makes the bench look like childs play when it comes to weight.  I have so much support under the deck that I could park my truck on it.



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how thick is the material on the "table" legs? It looks a little light to me. 1/4" to 5/16"? I know it's a table but someone is likely to sit on it at some point. The legs look like they will 'splay' if any amount of weight is put on them.


Aside from possible damage and safety the "table" would look better with thicker stock. The wood top is quite beefy which makes the legs look skimpy even if they are up to the task.


just my opinion...

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The legs are 2" wide x 1/4" thick.


Once assembled, one of my friends who weighs about 170 lbs sat on the table with all his weight and it didn't effect it at all, so I'm pretty sure it's up to the task of holding a soda can or two.


I used what material I had in my scrap pile, but I do appreciate your opinion and I'll take it into consideration next time I attempt to build a "table"...

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