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having trouble finding double wall flue

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Hi all, 


I've been doing some digging, and haven't come up with much. Looking for some 12" ID double wall flue (stainless or other) I only need double wall sections 3' above and below pass throughs of floor/ceiling, the rest can be single wall. so four 4' sections would do me. Anyone know of sources?


I had found a source that advertised "Duratech" (the fancy twist and snap together stuff) 4' lengths, for only $150. I thought that price was too good to be true, well it was. Did some digging about the site it was on, and every review said it was a scam. 


Called half a dozen local chimney/woodstove places too, no one stocked that size, and their minimum order for special orders was absurd. 





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What about splitting the load between several pipes?

Have you looked into demolition or restaurant supply places?

Have you spoken to code enforcement and asked if a different set-up is allowed?


or ebay

ebay link removed



I'll ask a friend in HVAC and see what he may have.




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Greetings Steve/TP/


LOL....  This old PW is so sway backed that I welded my initials on the top and used it for a sign at my down state shop for 15 years..  I bought it in a garage sale for 35 bucks and was the best sign I could have had....  By the way it is welded to a 1/2in plate and a 6ft 10in pipe set in concrete 6ft..  That will discourage scrappers ..  I have never had a problem at my place with theft..  I take good care of all the local farmers with their welding and such and they watch my place like a hawk .. 


Forge on and make beautiful things


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Check the local fire code and your insurance company for just what's required. We have a lot of very knowledgeable guys but the requirements are local in the extreme.


Here we can get away with a proper roof or wall jack or a big enough standoff distance and sheet rock or cement board backer. If we're going with basic code minimum we need a minimum 1" standoff to nonflammable sheathing and triple wall.


What I need or can get away with means nothing to you where you are. It comes down to: do you want your insurance to cover a fire? do you perhaps NOT want to be held liable if someone were to die in a fire? Etc. etc.


Just go with code and your insurance co. Just do NOT ask permission! Forgiveness is so much easier to get so long as you build to code.


Frosty The Lucky.

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I still haven't found the 10" inside diameter I'm looking for, but I was wondering if it would be possible to use a smaller diameter chimney and induce the draft with a fan.  If I install an inline fan sucking air from the hood, would I still need the large diameter?

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These are expensive but they also have the correct flashing needed. And like you said the rest can be single wall.


I remember Home depot used to have 12" pipe for their prefab metal fireplaces but I can't findthem now.

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I did good.  Found via Craigslist, raced the hour to pick it up before another guy could, got it for $75.  Ten feet of triple wall, UL approved, 10" inside diameter chimney pipe.  Never been used.




Please burst my bubble now if for whatever reason you think this will not work, but I'm fairly sure I am finally on my way to switching to coal.

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