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  1. It sounds like you ordered them, but just an FYI if you're an ABANA member they have a copy in their library which they allow you to checkout via mail.
  2. I ended up getting a Milwaukee Portaband and then a small table for it made by a company called SWAG Offroad. It is great. Acts like a normal band saw, has a five inch throat, and also has the portability of the portaband.
  3. Hey Joe, what is your source for the 58 hardness? I've been looking at new anvils for a few months and haven't found anything stating that for the Peddinghaus hardness. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I received a copy of this book, all three volumes, as a secret santa gift. It is incredible. I haven't put them down since receiving them. Great books!
  5. What about the stand is small? I tried to mimic Ron Reil's stand and I think I came pretty close, but so far there are two of you saying it is too small. I definitely would like to fix any issues sooner than later.
  6. The throat is 1" as well. I had them throw in an adapter for 3/4" as well. I picked up a bunch of 1" bolts that I'm thinking of using as the shanks for the tooling.
  7. I've had the press for a few weeks now, but just finally got around to building a stand for it. Made from 1/4" angle for the legs and 1/4" flat for the braces. Came together fairly well, had to shuffle things around in the shop to make room. Now to make some tooling.
  8. Thanks Jim. I was looking at the #5, but after talking to Terry it sounded like the #4 does virtually the same amount of work, but doesn't have as much depth. So I ordered the #4 because I'm looking to do mostly bar stock and smaller things. I know that there is a bit to do before I start getting fancy, I was just hoping there was a common way of doing things like what you said about H13 for hot, S7 for cold, etc. More of a general guideline.
  9. For starters I will probably be experimenting with hot work including punching, slitting, possibly some texturing. As time goes on I will move onto cold bending of sheet steel; maybe some dishing.
  10. I have placed an order for a flypress today and I've been searching the archives for tooling and have not come across much of a consensus when it comes to steel to use for the tooling. Some people are using 5160, others are using H13 or S7 even though they may be hard to forge to shape. I'd love to find something that air or water hardens, but is a bit more forgiving on the forging side. As far as tool steel goes I really only have experience with W1 for cold chisels, etc. What do you all use / recommend?
  11. Manifold! I couldn't pull that word out of my brain for the life of me. Yes, that is what I have. I leave it hooked up all the time, just keep the small tank off until I need it.
  12. My local propane supplier made me a connector to connect two tanks at the same time. It pulls from both at the same time. I used it with the small tanks for only awhile and now I use it when my big tank gets low.
  13. Is this where we can request a review? Maybe nudge someone to actually put it in writing instead of putting it off? I have been seriously considering a Nimba Centurion, I have the ability to get free shipping so that would knock some off the price of obtaining one. I have searched the forums and saw what has been said in passing regarding them, but I'd like a nice in depth review with maybe some pictures after several years of use.
  14. A link belt is definitely on my todo list. However, the only place in town which has them wanted about $100 for 36" of belt. I decided on the regular belt for now, which I got at Fleet Farm for $6 or so.
  15. I've been working on this No Weld Grinder over the past few weeks. The NWG plans were very good and easy to follow. They also came with some invaluable advice on how to do certain parts of the project. I have made the tool rest arm, the contact wheel arm, and the slack belt arm. Still working on the flat platen arm, but I snapped my 3/8" tap while making it( cheap Chinese garbage ). Video of first run: Still got some tuning and tweaking, then I'll weld the parts which shouldn't move. I also have to add something to keep the motor from jumping so much when I start it.