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1920 205lb Fisher

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I came across a 205 pound fisher anvil. The face is in great shape. I dont know about rebound but I will test it before buying it. Any info on the brand as compared to other would be great. I have read a little in the anvil reviews. It sounds like they dont ring like other anvils do. Any other pitfalls to look out for? Maybe a ball park of what I should pay? I will post pics from the ad. Thanks for any and all help. Thanks Anthony



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I will have to re-read that. And my math is terrible it priced at 3 at a pound. I will still go look and see if there is any negotiating room. It not a far drive for me so only a little time lost if i cant strike a deal. Thanks for the input and i will post back if it follows me home. Thanks Anthony

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$3/lb and is been listed for a while now, which means you might have some negotiating room.
Sure cheaper deals at QS, but I didn't see many that were in that nice a shape at QS. If I were buying a really nice anvil to use for a lifetime I don't think the price is outrageous, especially if green cash can move the price.

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What's the cost of actually getting to quadstate?  Add that to the cost of actually buying an anvil of similar quality, if one's available.


I don't fret a bit on "high price" anvils as long as they are in great condition.  A new anvil will cost you at least $5/lb, so any decent anvil that you get for less than that is a good deal.  The more wear on the anvil, the lower the price should be, but your pics seem to show a very neat and clean anvil that's hardly been used.

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My "work" anvil is a Hay Budden. 

My fine work anvil is a Fisher in mint condition.


Two of the best anvils ever made IMHO. 


I keep the Fisher for fine work since it is small, 90 pounds and pristine (I actually carry into my bedroom when not in use, I treasure it that much. A 200 pound Fisher makes me drool like a 400 pound Hay Budden.  The fact that they don't ring is a good thing. 


Speaking of 400 pound HBs, I was checking out an ornamental shop today, and I spot a monster and ask the owner if I can take a look. I get over to it and there is some floozy jig welded to it. I was shocked. The guy must have seen the look on my face or maybe it was when I said "someone should be fired for this. He wrenched the plate off with his bare hands. 

Other than the weld divits it was in excellent condition. Hopefully I got through to him a little. 

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