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The science of forge welding


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Hello guys, mandatory science fair coming up and i've got a project in mind. I want to talk about the electron sharing and fusion of iron and steel at high temperatures. Does anyone have a good source of info on the specifics of forge welding? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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I'll second Fergusson, he's got a pretty good section on the bonding process in there. I don't recall if Midgett discussed it in greater detail or not (so probably not) but I will try to remember to check when I get home.

Now I gotta go look up Tylecote =\

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Nope you can have solid phase welding at room temperature or even below!  Heat, Pressure and "Cleanliness" are the 3 factors; max any of them out and the other two can be quite low---so forge welding, explosive welding and galling and vacuum welding are all examples of solid phase welding with one of the trio maxed.


I can't say that Tylecote's book is a fast easy read but it is interesting to a certain type of person wanting to know the details....

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