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I Forge Iron

Anyone ever forge an Angel?

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I'm thinking of making something for a Cancer awareness fundraiser, and after exhaustive searching both here and on Google, i've found very little in the way of inspiration.

Has anyone ever made something like this? I'd love to see pics.

I was thinking of a simple form with maybe copper wings riveted on it, maybe using a RR Spike?

I'm open to suggestions...


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I was thinking oc utiing down 2 sides of the spike to make arms that can be folded into the front, then spreading out the bottom of the spike shaft for a gown (Feet would be the head of the spike) then shaping the remaining middle part of the top half of the shaft into a head/halo sort of look. (It may look a bit like a bottle opener, which may in fact be a nice selling point!)
Then making seperate wings to attach.
I was hoping to find something that would include everything in one original piece, but that may not be possible.

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Never done either, but I am imagining that an angle could be provoked from many of the same moves as forging a humming bird; just don't make the beak so long (tongue-in-cheek icosmiley inserted here) Google Bill Epps' tutes on forging birds and animals and such. Instead of the tail being forged at the end of the body, it could simply become the angels robes and the wings could be, well, her wings :) Imagination is the blacksmiths most important tool IMHO

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Greetings Jim,


Personally I have never forged an angel but I am available to serve as you model if you wish...   I think I saw a real neat on made by Paul Garret from John C in the gallery at SOFA.  I don't think Paul is on IFI but if you look at some 2010 and 2011 photos in the news letter you might find it.


Forge on and make beautiful things


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