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  1. It shouldn't get too hot as the air is cooling it as it goes through. That said, I have had one of mine glowing slightly which I took to mean that the flame was inside the burner. I shut down and let the air cool things down and restarted. It was fine after that.
  2. I'm not sure if coal fines and coal dust would be the same thing , but that said, I have used coal fines mixed with water to a mortar like consistancy without any issues.
  3. I believe Brent Bailey uses or used shop air for his forge. A fancy regulator isn't needed, a regular gate valve as used for water piping would work fine.
  4. Lee Sauder has a technique that should work well for you. I t should be findable on-line .
  5. Talk to John Nicholson at Massey, they are in the UK. That's the first Massey mechanical hammer I've seen.
  6. This sounds like a job for an Upset Forging Machine or "Upsetter". These come in sizes from 1/2" to 7". They are rated as to what size round bar they will put a rivet head on in one blow.
  7. I've seen a Star, but not run one. I would think it would be similar to a Little Giant. Mine has 1 1/2 HP motor set up to turn the hammer at somewhere around 300 to 350 rpm.
  8. My Buffalo 1/2 weighs around 4000 lbs. this one is probably similar.
  9. If you want some hard firebrick, I'll sell you some for cheap, close to Steinbach. PM me for my phone #.
  10. Hi John, it's been awhile but what I remember from using polymer quench was that it was messier than oil, I think most of the maintenance was from drag-out, and I didn't care for the smell.
  11. In his book; "the hand forged knife" Karl Schroen describes using a saturated borax solution to lightly coat his blades before heat treatment.
  12. That is very similar to what I have been using on my press for quite a few years, mine came off a truck with a hydraulic dump box.
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