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I built an Echidna

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Hi Folks , an Echidna is a native Australian Spiny anteater. I had collected a lot of worn out ripper points off a road grader , so I thought they might work as spikes for this little critter. It weighs about 150-170 lb so I made it in pieces. The base structure has 3 square housings into which 3 rails supporting the left ,right and top  spiked sections drop into. The pipe at the front is how the head slips on and off . the front claws are horseshoes.










The tongue is made from hooks , the mouth and nostrils are nuts , the eyes are old railway bolt heads , the brow is a very large plow spanner head.






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Thank You ..........DSW , Beth and Guns, 


DSW ..........the frame with housings is important to the plan . it lets me weld each section   from the inside so the work looks more    "clean" and is also stronger as i can weld the parts of the points that are touching.that are out of sight.

Beth......yes in that almost round pattern,  the ripper points almost  look    '' soft   "   like a sea anemone.  

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In our neck of the woods all creatures are know as "how to be best prepared for a meal". Here you have brought a new creature to us to enjoy, so I guess I shall eat it with my eyes!

Again your artistic ability has been shared with us and we do so very much appreciate it.

Carry on

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Back in the late 70's  (1970's) when Australians still had a sense of humour there was a research team working on Kangaroo Island studying echidna reproduction.


They had T-shirts for the members of the group. The shirts were full of hundreds of little holes and had "HUG AN ECHIDNA" printed on the front.


I saw two of the little guys close to my house last year snuffling around, big surprise, they are not supposed to be living anywhere near here, according to the boffins.You have certainly captured their echidna-ary-ness.

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