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  1. I built a brake drum forge first and used that for a short time then bought a Chilli Forge Habenero (two burner) forge. I really like this forge and the people at chilli are great to work with. If I am forging small pieces I will only use one burner. When forge welding I'll crank up both burners and really cook. You will need a 40 lb. or larger tank to run both burners at max. I'm glad I got the two burner as it gives me more flexibility. These are not inexpensive forges but they are very well built and worth the money (to me). Bill
  2. To update this thread.......... I ignored every ones good advice :o and bought the two burner forge. Very nice piece of kit. Yes it is overkill for me now but I can grow into it. I have forged a few small pieces and even a small billet of cable damascus and the forge is a joy to use. Thanks go to Stacie and David at Chile Forge - great product and service. Bill
  3. That"s the best Echidna I've ever seen!!! (It's the only one I've ever seen)
  4. Thanks guys. I think the single burner will do all I need it to do, but it would be much less expensive to go with the two burner now rather than buying a whole new forge in a couple of years. I've already got my order in with Chile Forge for a single burner Tabasco but I was having second thoughts. Would the two burner be way more expensive to run?
  5. I'm upgrading from a brake drum forge to propane. I'm looking at a Chile Forge one burner (Tobasco). I'm just getting started in forging with general small stuff but I would like to forge small knives and do simple heating (1084). Maybe down the road try small damascus billet. Is a single burner going to do it or should I go with a two burner?
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