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Baltimore Ravens wing door pulls

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Hello all,


I was recently commissioned by the Ravens to create door pulls for the pro stores around the concourse level of the stadium. A few people have shown an interest in how I fabricate wings so I took some process photos this time around.

#1- concept drawing post-13847-0-31139300-1377556860_thumb.j

#2-cardboard template from drawing transferred to 1/8" stainless steel plate post-13847-0-54122500-1377556886_thumb.j

#3- front and back blanks with feather indicationspost-13847-0-75244200-1377556905_thumb.j

#4-blanks bent to shape cold, sections that have too tight a bend are forged hot over a crude ball shape tool I clamp in my vise post-13847-0-33488000-1377556928_thumb.j

#5-blanks welded around perimeter like a pillow post-13847-0-58036300-1377556948_thumb.j

#6-piece added to close off bottom  post-13847-0-86024600-1377556972_thumb.j

#7-rough grinding to bring out feather shapes post-13847-0-30433000-1377556994_thumb.j

#8-welds added to make feathers pop a bit more post-13847-0-12712900-1377557019_thumb.j

#9- welds ground smooth, ready for detail carving with a straight die grinder and pencil grinder with various shaped carbide burrs post-13847-0-04692100-1377557038_thumb.j

#10- finished front. details carved in, a little black shoe polish rubbed on to bring out details post-13847-0-61072700-1377557066_thumb.j

#11-finished back of wing post-13847-0-79459900-1377557088_thumb.j


At this point they were really digging what I had made and doubled the order to 28 wings total. At 12hrs each to fabricate and some other work all due in a month, I decided to cast them in bronze at a foundry I used to work at.


#12-first batch of bronzes post-13847-0-34380600-1377557112_thumb.j

#13-I had the bronzes nickel plated since they wanted a steel look post-13847-0-20183700-1377557135_thumb.j

#14-I applied Sculpt Nouveau Magic Black to get the antiqued effect post-13847-0-94507900-1377557158_thumb.j

#15- Finished! post-13847-0-10463700-1377557179_thumb.j

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 Beautiful work.



Out of curiosity what is the ball park cost to have something like that cast commercially? I've always wondered what having something like that done would cost with setup and so on.

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Thanks for the comments.
DSW the molds were $250 each (1 left 1 right) and each casting is $325. I did all the metal finishing and patina so that brings the price down.
Bigfootnampa they were sent the wrong doors so when they straighten that out I'll get installed pics.
Yes Peter and Dave, this job went fairly smooth considering the time crunch, client is talking about a lot more work spinning off of this project.
MLMartin I'll try to post some pics of the burrs I use- it actually goes quicker than you think. But man is that stainless tough, I don't think my hands would survive 28 of them!

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Killer Kustom, keep them coming! I like the texture and smooth surfaces together, organic and armor-ish.

Thanks danger, I was hoping you would see this. I forgot to mention that these are being mounted on glass doors so you will see that contradiction in surface.
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