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Now, that must have been HOT!


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modern trains are in fact electric. the diesel engine is technically the generator to provide the electricity.  The driving wheels (amount depends on model) each have a very large and powerful electric motor direct drive to the wheel.


When an Engine is termed as a 2-6-2, it  is a designation meaning 1 pair of leading wheels, 3 pair drive wheels, and 1 pair of trailing wheels.

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I saw these pics several years ago.  Was attributed to a locomotive that stayed on, while the rest of the train and locomotives were shut off.  Supposedly remote controlled locomotive that didn't get the message as it were, so it sat in place with the wheels slowly turning for quite a few hours.

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Wheel slip, not fabricated, thats what happens when you have the immovable object with the irresistable force, each axle has its own traction motor, when switches play up this sort of thing can happen.  As Farmall says if it was a remote control loco no-one would know if those motors were still powering, until they went to move the train that is.

The designations of 4-6-6-0,  2-8-2,  4-10-2, etc are steam loco descriptions diesel electrics are more likely to be given designations such as Co-Co or Bo-Bo



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