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What's this anvil worth?

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A brand new anvil from one of the top makers is in that price range!


He's got a good anvil, to be sure, but it's not worth what he's asking.  Looking at the pic, the edges look mint, and the face appears flat.  If it's a cast steel anvil from Sweden, that's a great anvil.  But I'd offer no more than $3.50 a pound.... and that's if I could drive over to pick it up.


If I was going to spend $7/lb for an anvil, it would be a Fontanini or Nimba.  I can buy old anvils all day long, and have them shipped to my door, for less than he's asking.

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I saw that one.  Looks nice, but $7-12 a lb?  Out of my price range, I'd shoot for $3-4 lb and offer cash.  Then keep an eye on it and see if it moves.  There was a beautiful Fisher in the Houston area for a long time that didn't move that was priced similarly.

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It wouldn't bring that much in Alaska. Not around here anyway, freight in some places is in the $6/lb range. Heck, I looked into shipping 300lbs from NC. and the best I could find was 3.50lb and I live within 50miles of a major port and an international airport.


Frosty The Lucky.

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