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  1. If you use .016 copper there is no need to heat in your forge. you can texture them cold and put them on the stem. when you tighten the fastener start at the center petals and shape with needle nose pliers. when its all shaped how you like it you can apply SLOW heat to change the color of the copper to taste. a shot of clear coat will make them look really nice too.
  2. I think that will look great. I'm sure you will do well. Keep posting pics!
  3. Nice job. I've forged a couple of tomahawks from ball been hammers, lots of work.. but tons of fun! What kind of handle are you gonna use?
  4. Please let my know what yall think of these.. I use copper, brass, and tin sheets mounted on 3/8's square bar. Thank You
  5. All kinds of round, flat, square, and what ever else you can think of.. I was picking up metal for a work project and couldn't help but day dream a little... So.. How long would it keep you busy? What would you start with?
  6. So I went to a auto swap meet in search of a 12 bolt posi for my 68 Camaro. I didn't find a rearend but walked away with these beauties and only spent a hundred bucks. I've never seen one with pipe jaws.. 4". & 6" jaws.
  7. Here are mine- 475# German on pecan countersunk in a half inch- 300# HB on a big chunk if some sort of hard wood.. No countersink but wedge bands on the side- And a hundred pound no name on oak with a half inch sink.. I need hold downs on this one still.
  8. I have scored all of my anvils on the TX side of craigslist. I looked on ur side of CL and found a few you should be able to get for around 300. PM Stuart. I'm sure he has a "few" in the shop he would part with... lol
  9. The fire has been lit.

  10. Thought you guys might like to see my stamp setter. Let me know whatcha think. Holds a one inch stamp- Made from 1 & 1/2 steel- Adjustable gap for whatever you want to mark. 12 inches long and six inches wide-
  11. Thanks Dodge! Good eye.. That's a Wilton bullet. I was shaping the knife at work with a sander.. Yes.. I cheated.. The knife was on my vise at work. I did aquire my own Wilton tradesman yesterday with 8" jaws.. Building a stand as we speak!
  12. This is my second knife.. The firs one I made I didn't get to finish before the show I was going to started.. It was the first thing sold, which surprised me since it was just hammered into rough shape. Please give any and all advise on this one. It's almost done. Still need to polish it up and make a sheath for it. I've been away from my anvils for a few month and am just now getting back into it.
  13. 4 & 3/4 face width. Thanks for the complement on the vise!