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Cable Splicing Knife


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I love it when people USE tools.

I worked with computers the last 25 years of my working career and most of the tools available were made for tiny little hands and were very flimsy. I made myself a set from Damascus that lasted until I retired. When I left I had everyone put their name in a hat and drew a name for each tool. The winners all had big smiles. Could have probably sold 100 sets but after 1 or 2 of anything [except roses and a few other flowers] it ain't fun, it's work.

Nice tool!


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Zactly Dave I'm doing a handful of these and then I'll quit. I don't want to be a factory, I want to be a craftsman. I'm liking this little project as it helps me with fit and finish. Limited run on these and that's it. I made one for my buddy who is an electrician and all his workmates loved it. I managed to get a few knife commissions from it so it's a plus. 


Cool idea on the tool draw! Any pics of the tools?

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My typical blend of 1084,1095 and 15N20. They work well for me Theo so I stick with it! Cheers


Another display of beauty, Darren. I know what you mean on the materials. I want to try some other blends, and I've done some canned damascus but the pallet strapping and band saw blade gave me good luck from the get-go. Besides; the price is right :ph34r:

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Very cool.  It would make me very happy to know something I'd made was in constant use by a tradesman.


Long term I'd love to tackle similar projects extended to damascus linemans pliers, needle nose, scissors, etc.  During a block party a Carpenter told me he'd love a damascus hammer.  


I suspect that a guy making professional quality damascus hand tools would find a small but dedicated market.

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