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I Forge Iron

Bone Handled Skinner

Chris Covington

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Ive only been making knives for a few months so Im still a complete newbie.  This is my latest attempt.  The blade is forge welded cable.  The handle is bone with stainless steel pins and thong hole.  This was my first attempt at vine filework as well.  I think it came out ok



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I started blacksmithing 6 months ago and made my first knife about 3 months ago. I've had some good teachers including Lyle Wynn and Brian and Ed Brazael. I've made about 10 knives so far and one sword. I tend to bounce back and forth between blades and more general blacksmithing.

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Very nice looking piece and very advanced indeed! for your experience level---but not as good as it could be for the stated use.  

1 that handle will get slippery when used for skinning

2 the filework along the handle spine will be terrible to keep clean.


As a display piece ++;  as a user not as good as you could have made it


I am a firm believer in integrating the proposed use case into the design process.

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