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FIrst bolt tongs

Charles McDonald

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The first bolt tongs ive made! So far I have made several different kinds of tongs but ive neglected bolt tongs and so I figure I better change that!. These are to hold 5/8 square and round, but given the bits are short and the positioning of the reins they hold 3/4 quite nicely.
These also work really well on flat bar and they have just enough clearance for RR spike heads. Let me know what you think  :unsure: 




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Wow thank you all! And here I was fussing over them not being as nice as I had hoped...

Jim Coke & Frosty: Im sorry to say I am not really planning on making any tongs to sell. Eventually when I get a lot better hand hammering and or I get a power hammer Ill be happy to sell things like this, but right now Im anything but efficient making these. Thats the grand complement though and I appreciate it!

Joshua: The starting stock I used was 5/8 round 4140. 


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I was in the middle of making a set my self, after looking at these I am cutting the end off and starting again lol

What I was making was going to end up to delicate and would not have lasted very long.

Yours look very solid and should last you a long time.

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Really nice looking tongs for a first bolt tongs. I normally use 4140 for tongs as well, it seems to be a nice steel for tongs.

Mark: I may have asked already but what size stock do you use and where do you buy your 4140 for tongs.


Frosty the Lucky

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Hi Frosty mostly I use 5/8 round like was used in these bolt tongs. For the smaller ones I use 1/2 round. I remember hearing that Jay Sharp used to use 3/4 round I do not know if that is true, but I think it is, it seems to be easier for those of us without the upsetter like Grant had, to start with plenty to work with. I get mine at either Great Land welding or Weld Air.

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