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  1. Sorry I have been away for a while. The skulls don't take long maybe an hour or so once the stock is tapered
  2. I've been working on carving the inlets for tangs and making habacki and finally doing some sort of a wrap on the handle. I tend to start with minimal plans and see where the process takes me. This piece I attempted to deferentially heat treat with clay. It through hardened. No hamon but I went on with it anyhow. I hot forged and hand peined the habacki. Then inked it and sanded of the high spots. The wood for the handle is poplar that I wrapped in hemp and then wrapped again with two pieces of paracord with the cores taken out. The knots are terrible. I didn't follow a traditional Tsuka
  3. Thanks guys. I've been out of town for 2 weeks and hadn't had a chance to check the forum. I love the Icepick idea.
  4. That's a productive 3 days. Very cool
  5. I have posted a tutorial here. http://forums.dfoggknives.com/index.php?showtopic=26388&p=249031
  6. Getting there. Got to get back to the horizontal attempt
  7. So I finished this one tonight. I have been using a fuller tool under the power hammer to make the cheek to jaw transitions and then developing the eye sockets and cheek bones with the punches.
  8. That is indeed practical blacksmithing. Way to go.
  9. Man, those are nice. Great looking pieces.
  10. The snakes are great especially that cobra head!
  11. I'm sure you will get it pretty quick. The photos would help. I appreciate the diagram but school is long behind me and I didn't go very far in it. thanks again. JJ
  12. That book is on my list! Very good. Thanks guys. A lot to take in and try to improve and incorporate.
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