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  1. Charles McDonald

    Inside of my smithy

    Sorry I'm never on here anymore. Its 8x10 but i added an outdoor section where the forge is now within reach of the anvil and vise. So its more like 8x16 I have a swage block and a treadle hammer in there now. Amazing how much stuff you can fit in such a little work space.
  2. Charles McDonald

    Penannular Brooch

    Thank you very much! These are fun to make and Im not sure why I havent made more...
  3. Charles McDonald

    Nail Header

    Thanks! The hole does go all the way through yes. I wasnt completely sure of the best way to do this given the length, but I ended up drilling all the way through with a 23/64 bit if i recall right. Im sure I didn't use 3/8... Anyway since I already forged the shank to fit in my anvils hardy I didnt want to drift a taper from the back side because it would swell the shank, so I drilled the shank with a 1/2" bit up to the mass and drifted that to 3/8 square. Given all I have is me myself and the bare bones basics, drilling first was the easiest solution I could think of instead of punching given the odd shape.
  4. Charles McDonald

    Nail Header

    Well honestly I didn't do much planning at all when I made this. Often times I go in the shed to forge something and end up making a few things I hadn't planned. My intention was to just copy the tool I saw on that website Angele-shop to see if I would like it. I just added a small handle to make it easier to use... I like trying various things and picking the one I like best, so the next couple Ill make differently, but quite similar in function no doubt.
  5. Charles McDonald

    Nail Header

    Ha ha! Well good point, now I feel just a bit silly ha ha! I made this from a breaker bit and it was the easier solution to forge it to fit the hardy hole, but I like your idea and for a 1/4 nail header I think Ill use different material and forge it to fit the pritchel. Thanks for the complement Alec! Thank you very much Vaughn T and Mudman! If only people saw the horror and clumsy mistakes I make before taking the finished photos :D I got a drift good and stuck in this one...
  6. Charles McDonald

    Nail Header

    Just thought id share a couple photos of a nail header I made recently. This is my third nail header and I decided to make it the style I had seen on Angele-shop's website since it looked awesome to use not needing to hold onto it while heading a nail. I love this style and I aim to replace my others with ones like these when I get the time. My only issue with this type of nail header is that now I either need to make a hot cut hardy that fits my anvils pritchel or simply throw my current one in the vise...
  7. Charles McDonald

    FIrst bolt tongs

    Thanks fellas! Private Entrance: Yeah I try to keep things a little meaty around the bosses, bits and the start of the reins. I like the reins springy, but not too much so I keep them about 3/8 most of the time. :)
  8. Charles McDonald

    FIrst bolt tongs

    Wow thank you all! And here I was fussing over them not being as nice as I had hoped... Jim Coke & Frosty: Im sorry to say I am not really planning on making any tongs to sell. Eventually when I get a lot better hand hammering and or I get a power hammer Ill be happy to sell things like this, but right now Im anything but efficient making these. Thats the grand complement though and I appreciate it! Joshua: The starting stock I used was 5/8 round 4140.
  9. Charles McDonald

    FIrst bolt tongs

    Thank you, they were fun to make, a little time consuming given I had to fiddle-fart around for a century trying to get them adjusted how I want, but they work nice and I learned a lot!
  10. Charles McDonald

    FIrst bolt tongs

    The first bolt tongs ive made! So far I have made several different kinds of tongs but ive neglected bolt tongs and so I figure I better change that!. These are to hold 5/8 square and round, but given the bits are short and the positioning of the reins they hold 3/4 quite nicely. These also work really well on flat bar and they have just enough clearance for RR spike heads. Let me know what you think :unsure: 4140
  11. Charles McDonald

    Getting a handle on it.....

    I generally make all my handles from Hickory, but sometimes I use Ash. I make sure to always use the Hickory for my hammer handles though... I make all my handles "Matchstick" style with flat sides, but I taper them like a wedge that way the thicker end gets sucked into my hand allowing for a nice grip always ( sort of like the handles on Hofi-style hammers ). Id say generally all my hammers have about a 10" handle. For me this length works nicely when working along side the anvil; on a down swing it prevents the butt end of the handle hitting the anvil surface. The nice thing about this style handle also is that it takes a lot less work to make as opposed to an oval handle. I just buy nice chunks of hickory at the wood store and rip them on the table saw, then I taper them close with the bandsaw and rasp to fit.
  12. Charles McDonald

    my 12th hammer

    Yep I agree! Real nice looking hammer!
  13. Charles McDonald

    forged sledge hammer

    Wow thats really impressive! Very nice looking sledge!
  14. Charles McDonald

    Baby Dragon

    Hey thank you for the nice complement!
  15. Charles McDonald

    Baby Dragon

    Thank you! That texture is easy, just use a guillotine tool with 3/8 fullering dies. I really like the raw forged look of it myself and aim to use it on more things in the future.