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Cracked Rebar


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Sure, it's easy to fix such a simple problem, toss this attempt to the lesson shelf and use proper blade steel or even just mild for practice. Do remember what happened though so you don't make the same mistake again. This is the purpose of the lesson shelf, drawer, corner, etc. so you can go back and see where you started, see how far you've come or sometimes find how you did THAT.


Not all "failures" are useless or even bad beyond the lesson thing. Sometimes a thing doesn't do what you want it to BUT it turns out to be PERFECT for something you want to do on a different project or material. Just because something didn't work this time doesn't mean it won't later.


Rebar is one of those things that isn't very consistent, so long as it meets minimum specs it can be rebar, sometimes it's mild, sometimes it's HC, sometimes it's . . . WHAT THE!!!?


Frosty the Lucky.

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Greetings Kyotie,


RE  meaning it was something before....  Recycled.... Reworked ....Remodeled....   Bar meaning where you go when your done messing with junk metal..


AHHHH the lessons we learn..


Lesson learned keep up the good work.



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Rebar can be used decoratively, or as handles for damascus billets. Other than that, it's pretty much worthless and you're wasting your time on blades. If you're into scrapping, find some spring steel as your chances of coming up with a usable piece are much greater. Search online for 5160 blades from spring steel. Please follow up with what you do.

Thanks for posting.


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