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  1. that must be how they would sharpen a plow share years ago. thanks a bunch
  2. I have a chance to pick up some hydraulic cylinders that have been replaced by a tractor dealership. what metal are the rams made from and what uses can I get out of them. not sure what sizes. I figger from 1' plus and up to 1 1/2" just guessin. thanks
  3. ok borax from the store. got it. prep work, you mean clean an free of rust I'm guessing. these rings I wrapped around a piece of 3" pipe then saw off at an angle. do I need to keep the lap open so flux will get between the ends or does it matter. thanks
  4. been a while since I was last on here and I need a couple of questions answered that have never been straight in my head. question 1 to flux your work before you weld, you use borax, right? are we talking about the soap? 2 do you use it like the flux in a can for brazing rods? preheat work put it on then heat till forge heat and hammer, or one heat sprinkle it on then hammer? I will be welding the ends of some 5/16" round rod rings for cinch rings. then add a piece of 1/2 X1/8" flat iron tacked on both ends the flat iron will be curved like a horseshoe and the ends will be tacked to the rings. thanks a bunch
  5. lost my bottles and gauges a few years ago also. they could have cleaned me out . also they took a new auto parts washer. they took the bottles off of the 2 wheel dolly that I had made and left it. sure miss my torch.
  6. got it in my head now. thanks fellers
  7. never made a hammer I see it in my future tho. looks good to me. Brian , do you mean on the center, center of face to center of face? and I am not getting " struck end". help me help me!
  8. if it is 6 foot , some people called those a railroad bar. not real handy for setting/tamping fence posts but good for rock and prying.
  9. if you can dig some clay some where, do it. side of the road ,creek bank. I tried walmarts cheap cat litter and it is full of shale or chat. not worth a hoot. JMPE
  10. clutch adjusting tool for Big trucks. was working on Mack at the time. I used a gear shifter for the main body with the knob as a handle leather working tools from old hay rake teeth. swivel knives ,edgers and stamps Mack tach cable remover one end is not accessible, behind fuel pump
  11. Daddy was a cowboy. that is what us boys were gonna do also. in 1959 he bought us 3 older boys our first rope. I was 6 then . we learned the 2 basic loops. by the time I was 10 we could catch most any thing that moved. we started competing against each other roping left handed. I cracked some ribs in 83 on my right side on the ranch I was on at the time. I was having to rope a lot of calves to tag for registration purposes. I could still rope pretty good left handed after 20 plus years.
  12. there are no bolts on wooden wagon wheels. the rim holds it all together
  13. what type of valve springs? won't the pusher get in your way when you put the retainer on? can't wrap my head around that
  14. I have made a bunch of woks using the discs. plug the hole and weld on horse shoes for handles
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