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$30 fleamarket find


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I wish I had taken some pictures before cleaning it up, but it was extremely rusty and the leg was bent, but after a few hours of wirewheeling, leg straightening, and soaking what parts I could overnight in vinegar, this is how it turned out. It says USA on one side of the jaws and 50 on the other. It also has pipe jaws (well, a single pipe jaw left), so I'm assuming it's a newer one, it's also not quite as fancy as the others I see. Anyone have any idea just how old it is and who made it?




And here it is with the temporary mount and the new spring I made for it. post-27440-0-38538800-1365783338_thumb.j

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looks good, Been hunting fore a deal like that currently. Best I found was 70 bucks with the bench mount and spring missing as well.

So my machinist vice will just cop it for a bit longer lol

You will feel better about the tool having fixed it up your self

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I use electrolysis a lot. Well worth getting into! Just make sure you get a manual battery charger. I just use a old pipe for the sacrificial anode and dump in the washing soda (I don't even measure it!) I have had stunning results! I actually look for old iron stuff to electrolysis dip! 

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