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prayers/hopes for great-uncle


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my great-uncle jay has been admitted into the hospital since june and hes been getting progressivly worse. he originally went in because of a heat stroke but after more tests theyve found cancer. and this man is a trooper, he started his little welding business a long time ago to help feed his children and give them nice things, now that business is about all he does, and hes very very concerned about it. when he recieved the news, we were sitting in the hotel room and the doctor came in and said "theres no easy way to tell you this jay..." to which he replied "awww, common doc, i needed to be in memphis a week ago and nashville tonight." when the doctor saw this she finally told him that he has cancer in almost every major organ in his torso. him, being the man who thinks he can beat it says "well, youve figured out whats wrong with me..... can i go now?" this isnt a man whos a smart aleck or anything like that. this is a man that puts others well above himself. in his time hes donated millions into different organizations and towns. this is a man that i personally idolize. i wasnt too concerned because i held the same attitude he does. but hes had a cough for 2 months now and its gotten worse since chemo.... this is the man whos convinced me into going into the armed forces, and by god, he better be there when im at my ceremony when i get out of boot camp.

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