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I Forge Iron

Demo tool box

jeremy k

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Are these hinges or latches? I like where this is going...I didn't see it earlier.

Yes...wheels. Very important. A hand truck is a good choice too. Some iron strakes across the bottom would both protect the box and make hooking with a hand truck easy.


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Even if I was to fill it with a solid block of steel that fills the whole box , including the box itself will still be less than 600lbs. So - I think a few prs of tongs and a few hammers and handfull of misc. items needed for doing basic demos is well within "Not" needing wheels, - refer to the begining posts on size - that's why I didn't make it that big to begin with, I want to be able to carry it myself.

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Talk about a patients tester -
I have got started on a branch for the box lid hinge. Leaves are forged from 3/8 inch round and the branch is 1/2 inch round tapered and textured. Slow process this is - as the leaves are forge welded together and forge welded onto the branch. I'm not happy with some of the vein texturing fading away during the welding but maybe I can touch that up later when all the leaves are attached??? hopefully! You can see the groove that the "tong" will grip on the left side of the first picture.



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Jeremy - once finished that tool box is going to be a prime portfolio piece for you at demo's. One of those "What have I done and what can I do. Well look here at my tool box!" Should draw a number of potential customers your way.

I'm very impressed with the cleverness and uniqueness of using tongs as lid latches.


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