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  1. ironclad

    gas forge

    Thanks Eric, and Ratel10mm, will have a look, i also messaged them (Blacksmith snc) on facebook, so hope to here from them.
  2. ironclad

    gas forge

    Thanks VaughnT, i live in Ireland so don't think i can get IRreflector but i'll try. Thanks again.
  3. ironclad

    gas forge

    Thanks Charles, yes the fire brick is broke in half and missing when i got it, so i bought a piece of vermiculite board to fit the whole inside, and will cut out for the burners.
  4. ironclad

    gas forge

    Thanks Charles,and iron dwarf, Yes i did try the web site ( Blacksmith snc, Italy ) but the site is comming up as having a virus, so thats out. I'm still not sure if the burners are stainless? as the old ones are burned out. Again many thanks for the reply. Cheers.
  5. ironclad

    gas forge

    Hi all. have just got a second hand gas forge and was wondering if the burner tips are made out of stainless steel? the old ones have burrned out. Have just bought a vermiculite board to replace the fire brick on the top of the inside of the forge as i couldn't sorce a brick to replace the broken one. Thanks, any help would be great.[attac hment=63560:054.JPG] oh also how much of the burner should be into the box, past the top board? Thanks again.
  6. ironclad


    Really Nice, reminds me of Newgrange, Ireland.
  7. is it for making those large dish shapes in anvils???? :)
  8. very cool, looking forward to our lunar eclipse tonight? from here in longford.
  9. very nice, thanks for showing them.
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