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  1. Well, in a pinch a big box retailer or small hardware store might carry some mild steel bar. I generally buy my steel from a local yard here in town and get much better prices, plus they have drops of steel for a discounted rate some times.
  2. I was in the same boat as 781. I was lucky enough to get to watch Brian on Friday for about 3 hours while he worked on his fire rake and the crane/bird statue. I wished they would've had him mic'd for the demo's because it was hard to hear from the back rows. This was also my first trip and hopefully not my last! It was good to meet a few of the people from here and get a chance to talk with them in person.
  3. Hafiz, If you have the means to travel I would suggest trying to get to the next MABA meeting. I don't see any meetings planned for Oct. or Nov. but there might be a meeting posted on the website if one does come up. If you want someone to stop by and check out your setup I'd be willing to. Shoot me a PM and we can work out the details. Thanks!
  4. Neil, The component was found on the google site. I found the forge, anvil and all the blacksmith items on the components look up. Hope that helps. Jeff
  5. MLMartin, Currently I had planned to put the forge in the corner to maximize the space, but like you suggest it would be hard to really work with large pieces of stock. I've thought of moving the forge to the center of the back wall because in the exisiting shed there's already a window cut in, so I would just have to box in the side draft hood and run the stack up. This would give me about 4 foot on each side of the forge if I placed it there. I was concerned about the dead spaces on each side of the forge and I guess I could use one side for stock storage. I liked the idea of having the open area outside and who knows I might end up using the open area for my forging and leave the inside for storage and finishing work. Jeff
  6. Frosty, Yes, I had some free time and looked up the tutorials online for Sketchup. It's a wonderful tool and I find myself using it for all my building plans/ideas. The reason I was going to use the rolling door on the tall side was due to putting my forge on the back wall on the inside and I didn't think a rolling door would work there. I could revamp the front to a rolling door and add an awning. I was trying to keep the funds down to revamp the shed to a usable shop. Currently, my plans are on hold until I can get a weekend available that'll work with my free help :) Thomas, I planned on either using canvas to roll down and latch to the fencing around the outside. This will allow me to keep prying eyes out and be able to roll up when I need the open space to provide a breeze. I do plan to use a gravel mix on the floor. This was one of my final renditions of the new possible shed makup.
  7. I really need to take some time and come up for a visit!
  8. I'd suggest posting your location on your profile and you might find someone here that's close and willing to help you learn.
  9. You probably should have led with this information... You probably would've gotten more helpful answers :)
  10. Yeah, something is happening with your posts. When I came to the forum this morning it showed this bowl post as a new topic, or a topic with a enw reply, but when I came to the tools forum it was grayed out like I had read it already. It also shows that Kurgan was the last to post, when you're actually the last post listed.
  11. Bed sheets are fine, but they have to be at a minimum of 1000 thread count.
  12. Here's a video from Dave Custer that goes thru the process of making a heart out of a horseshoe.
  13. First thing I would suggest, if you haven't already is to take a class somewhere to see if it's worth your time and investment. Also, with your neighbors that close I would probably let them know your plans and see if you could come to a mutual understanding on what to expect from smithing and be mindful of their peace.
  14. Well from the looks of both of the anvils I would probably pass on them. The arm and hammer looks nice, but I would be leary of the line between the face and the body of the anvil and the other might just be a cast iron anvil.
  15. I saw that news story as well and wondered what the difference between Pet Coke and Metallurgical Coke was